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Min faster stemmer dørklokker i USA, hjælper på frivillig basis til i Obamas valgkampagne. Hun bor der ikke, men er derovre et par måneder, netop i en tid, hvor der kan skrives historie.
Mit bidrag er væsentlig mere beskedent, men jeg giver det gerne videre:

Dear Friends,

One of the most important elections in United States history will take place this November 4, 2008. While only US citizens may vote in this election, much of the world is watching the race very closely. Faced with a growing financial crisis, climate change and global energy challenges, we all know that an uncertain future will be greatly defined by the next US president. For better or worse, we are all interconnected.

With this in mind, we have created TheWorldFor.com, an interactive web site where people all over the world can cast a vote for the next United States President. We invite all citizens of the world to participate:


We ask that you please share this site with ALL of your friends and family around the world. In the coming weeks, the site will feature an increasingly diverse and living visualization of world opinion, ultimately aimed to inform US voters as they make their way to the ballot box on November 4.

TheWorldFor.com was developed by a few concerned and hardworking Americans who made this project as a labor of love. We are not affiliated with any group, campaign, or government agency.

Thank you for your attention, your voice, and most importantly, your vote.

Sincerely,TheWorldFor Team

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Jeg vil gerne høre din mening og holder meget af kommentarer. Det er ikke altid, jeg er så hurtig til at svare på dem, som jeg ville ønske, men de bliver læst hver eneste én!